Can you hear it coming? Deezer Elite goes global!


BRUSSELS – Today sounds great, want to know why? Well, we’re starting the global rollout of Deezer Elite, that’s why. We’re bringing Deezer Elite’s high definition sound to Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Canada (by the end, we’ll be in over 150 countries). Excited? Yep, we are too.

For those of you who already have a Deezer Premium + account and Sonos, today is your lucky day. Existing Deezer Premium+ subscribers on Sonos will be able to upgrade to Deezer Elite at no additional cost when subscribing for a full year. Sonos promotional users can upgrade for 36€ (or equivalent in your country) when subscribing for a full year. If you’re a new user, we’ll be announcing more information nearer the time, just keep an eye out on the blog or visit:

But what is high definition sound? (Please note we’ve used the examples below for illustrative purposes, if you would like to read about the more technical aspects of Deezer Elite, have a read of our press release here)

> You need to have the right equipment to hear the difference as it should be. This is why we’ve partnered with Sonos, because you can really hear the difference in the music quality

> High definition sound is better quality than a normal MP3 track because they are larger files and therefore contain more information (more sounds). MP3s can travel with you on your phone because they’re smaller so we have enough storage for other things like photos and games. But to make something smaller you have to lose elements of a track (such as the triangle in the background perhaps). With high definition tracks you can hear more of the music that makes up the track.

> Basically, it’s really impressive – but don’t let us tell you that, hear it for yourself starting this month if you already have a Premium+ account on Deezer and a Sonos, or on March 19th if you’re not already signed up.

Finally, here are some other reasons to go Elite:

  • Enjoy music the way it was made, as the artist intended
  • Get the largest music catalogue in the world at your fingertips, with over 35 million songs
  • Discover new music through FLOW and other Deezer radio offerings, recommendations and top playlists
  • Synch all of your past music history from any service to get started immediately
  • Listen to your music on any device, including smart phone, tablet and TV