Hello Technology & Music fans,

Everyday, our team is working hard to help you discover and enjoy great music moments. Whatever phone you’re using, whenever you’re in a workout, working in the office, or chilling-out with friends, we’re here to offer your great songs — in a pool of 40 Million — with our apps.

We have several internal Startup Teams at Deezer, each one gathering product specialists and engineers

Everyday, we try new things, we face interesting challenges and we try to find clever solutions. It’s exciting for us, and internally we have a broad range of events to share our learnings.

Today, we want to share these stories with you. Our technological choices, our latest experiments, or even how we organize as a team. Our next posts are already underway, so feel free to follow our publication to be the first to read us.

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Christopher and Romain working on Engineering Effectiveness