THIS is what fans think the perfect pop star looks like

A great voice will only get you so far in the hyper competitive world of pop. To be the ultimate pop star, a full package usually includes physique, attitude and overall presence. Thanks to social media and persistent paparazzi, celebrities are being pored over more than ever before. Today, Deezer can reveal exactly what the public thinks it takes to make the perfect global pop star.




Deezer analysed over four million social conversations in the past 12 months by utilising social media tools, combined with listening data from the biggest streaming library in the world, and found  that Beyoncé’s legs, Ellie Goulding’s abs and Selena Gomez’s smile are what fans coveted the most.


Adele’s pipes was the most talked about envied voice, with 273,000 mentions across social media in the past year, while Ariana Grande’s ponytail comes out top in the hair stakes with over 61,000 mentions. Rihanna is a triple threat, with fans rating her eyes, breasts and attitude above anyone else, while Beyoncé clearly has the best limbs in town, with her legs and arms topping the list and seemingly envied around the world. Nicki Minaj brings that super bass with her bum – given centre stage in her controversial Anaconda video – topping the poll of posteriors.


When it comes to creating the perfect male specimen, Justin Bieber reigns supreme. Research showed that his nose, arms and backside are the most lusted over by Beliebers. For that perfect hair, Harry Styles’ luscious locks top the social mentions, while Ed Sheeran’s deep blue eyes are envied around the world. And after being splashed across billboards in nothing but his Armani briefs, Calvin Harris’s abs are the talk of the town.


Ironically, Kanye West’s lesser spotted smile is the most desirable, while pal Drake features twice in the perfect male make-up, with fans loving his voice and legs above all other challengers. When it comes to whose pecs the public prefer, look no further than Jason Derulo.




Sam Lee, Deezer UK & Ireland’s Music Editor said: “Being a global superstar is about having a strong identity, style and attitude – something Justin Bieber and Rihanna know all about. According to the data we’ve pulled, the perfect pop princess is 20% Rihanna, 20% Beyoncé and 20% Adele, with a touch of Ariana, Selena and Ellie thrown in. For the guys, you’re looking at 30% Bieber with 20% Drake, plus a dash of Kanye and others.”


Top female artist features from sample of the past year:


Artist Body Part Mentions
Ariana Grande Hair 61,159
Rihanna Eyes 5,052
Adele Nose 1,702
Selena Gomez Smile 1,664
Adele Voice 273,491
Beyoncé Arms 3,107
Rihanna Chest 2,678
Ellie Goulding Abs 1,496
Beyoncé Legs 2,725
Nicki Minaj Bum 2,933



Top male artist features from sample of the past year:


Artist Body Part Mentions
Harry Styles Hair 193,860
Ed Sheeran Eyes 50,465
Justin Bieber Nose 8,994
Kanye West Smile 28,803
Drake Voice 8,565
Justin Bieber Arms 58,538
Jason Derulo Pecs 2,460
Calvin Harris Abs 2,500
Justin Bieber Bum 3,545
Drake Legs 13,263