Let’s get physical… Global artists help get fans moving

Deezer’s new ‘Workout with…’ series offers commented fitness playlists by J Balvin, YungBlud, Zara Larsson, Steve Aoki, Ally Brooke and Five Finger Death Punch

Repeat after me… I can do it!” Now you really can, despite being stuck inside. Six global artists are helping you to keep fit and active during lockdown, with Deezer’s new ‘Workout with…’ playlist series.

J Balvin, YungBlud, Zara Larsson, Steve Aoki, Fifth Harmony’s Ally Brooke and Five Finger Death Punch will join you in your home to kick-start your workout. They’re ready to push you hard in their new 6-part fitness playlist series, exclusive to Deezer.

So crank up the volume and hit play! The artists will walk you through their 30 minute playlist, giving you boosts of encouragement and praise to make sure you don’t give up. We’ve of course made sure that the tunes in each playlist will get your heart rate pumping. All tracks have been hand-picked by our editors to perfectly match the desired BPM for your workout.

So whether you’re ready to wiggle to Reggaeton, pump hard to Rock or pick up the pace with Dance, here’s our lineup:

  1. Workout with… J Balvin
  2. Workout with… Zara Larsson
  3. Workout with… Ally Brooke
  4. Workout with… Steve Aoki
  5. Workout with… Yungblud
  6. Workout with… Five Finger Death Punch

“Now that we’re all stuck indoors, staying motivated can be tough. But during lockdown, music is a huge part of influencing what we do and how we feel. We know you’re already trying to push harder with our ‘Sports Motivation’ playlist, which has boomed in the last few weeks. But it’s still tough to keep pushing when every day looks the same. Our ‘Workout With…’ series aims to give you that extra motivation, with your favorite artists becoming part of your exercise regime. So in the words of Zara Larsson – “Repeat after me: I can, I will, I must!’” said fitness buff Nigel Harding, our VP of Global Artist Marketing.

Our personal favorite motivational quotes from the series are:

J Balvin

  • “Good things come to those who sweat”
  • “Don’t give up, suck it up!”
  • “I said exercise, not extra fries!”


  • “Your future self will thank you for what you did today…”
  • “Work off that cake from last night, you’ve got this!”
  • “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits baby! You rock and roll star!”

Zara Larsson

  • “Fitness is like a relationship – you can’t cheat on it and expect it to work”
  • “Repeat after me: I can, I will, I must”
  • “You’re stronger than you think!” 

Steve Aoki

  • “A half hour workout is 2% of your day – no excuses!”
  • “You’re stronger than you think, the body achieves what the mind believes”
  • “You can’t just wish for a good body, you have to work for it”

Five Finger Death Punch (Chris Kael)

  • “Today is the day that you commit to be fit. You might feel sore today but you’ll feel strong tomorrow”
  • “Winners train, losers blame”
  • “Slow progress is better than no progress – one more push than last time”

Ally Brooke (Fifth Harmony)

  • “Things work out the best, for those that make the best of their workouts”
  • “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”
  • “You’re nearly there – I knew you could do it!” 

So are you ready to get moving? Then discover our ‘Workout With’ series here. All playlists, plus a huge variety of other fitness playlists and podcasts, can also be found in our dedicated Stay At Home channel.