Discover the sounds of Carnival on Deezer

New special Deezer Carnival playlists arrive on our Black Culture Channel.

When we think of Carnival, we think bright colors, music and love! But most carnivals are moving from the streets to online, due to the pandemic. 

We want to make sure you can still celebrate, wherever you are. So Deezer is bringing a taste of the festivities with its brand new ‘Carnival worldwide’ playlist series. Whether it’s Notting Hill Carnival or Rio Carnival, we’ve made you a host of specially curated playlists to choose from. 

The new playlists span across London, Rio, New Orleans and more! You can expect to hear party and dance tunes from the likes of ‘Hot,Hot, Hot’ by Arrow and ‘Follow The Leader, Leader’ by Nigell & Marvinn, through to ‘La Candela Viva’ by Totó La Momposina and ‘Mardi Gras Bayouby  Los Hombres Calientes

Deezer’s Carnival module is live today on our ‘Black Culture’ channel, which officially launched last month. The channel aims to support and celebrate black artists and podcasters, with dedicated playlists and podcasts by black creators. 

Check out Deezer’s Carnival playlists here