Deezer Community Winter Party – our end of year meetup with you!

Deezer Community Winter Party :snowflake::snowman::star2:

An online celebration of our great community and Deezer users :champagne_glass:


2020 has been a tough year for everyone, so why not try to finish it with other Deezer fans and a quiz? It’s not all doom and gloom, so let’s get to 2021 in style!

Our community is invited to an online meetup, including other community managers, Deezer Legends, and fans alike!

So what are you waiting for? RSVP as soon as possible here :heavy_check_mark:

Save the date: The Deezer Community Winter Party will take place on Saturday 12 December from 8 pm (London, GMT) :calendar::white_check_mark:



What’s happening on that day :smiley_cat:

  • a few games to break the ice and relax, including an amazing music + Deezer quiz!
  • sharing community and Deezer 2020 experiences with community managers and other users, including our Deezer Legends
  • a bit of non-sense and good spirits :relieved:

What you need to bring :eyes:

  • you favourite beverage :baby_bottle:
  • your knowledge of music and Deezer very well-tuned :electric_plug:
  • make sure you have registered here – no registration, our bouncer won’t let you in! :muscle_tone2:
  • a bit of non-sense and good spirits :smile:

Dresscode :kimono::necktie:

  • anything from a suit to whatever you find in your wardrobe, as long as it’s approved by anyone’s grandma :older_woman_tone3:

What you’ll get :gift:

  • a good time, guaranteed
  • a unique Winter Party badge :snowflake: thanks to our French Deezer Legend @Axouuu 


Registration is compulsory and places are limited. After registering for it, we’ll keep in touch via private message – so don’t forget to check your inbox :love_letter: