Showcasing Deezer: The coolest features and a HiFi quality catalogue 

Deezer is a platform unlike any other. Beyond simple music streaming, Deezer offers a 90+ million song catalogue in HiFi-quality audio, exclusive customized features, and true personalization for each and every user. Let’s take a look at some of these unique features…

HiFi audio as standard

Since January 2022, Deezer has established HiFi quality as the new audio standard for Premium, Family and Student subscribers. This means that subscribers can enjoy near CD-quality, lossless audio in FLAC format at 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz. Deezer offers the best sound experience at no extra cost. 

The perfect mix with Flow

A Deezer exclusive feature launched in 2014, Flow brings together your favorite tracks and great discoveries in an infinite mix thanks to editorial suggestions tailored to each user. Since 2021, users have been able to immerse themselves in infinite playlists linked to their specific moods with Flow: motivation, relaxation, melancholy, focus, party, you&me. 

For those who like to stay in their comfort zone and stick to the songs they already know, it is still possible to shuffle your entire personal library. My Music In Shuffle is the perfect feature for users who don’t need to be surprised to nod their heads. 

Quality time with the family

With the ability to cater up to six accounts (and varied musical tastes!), the Family subscription also allows users a Family Mix, gathering all the family’s favorites into a randomly-generated playlist and making everybody happy. The only question is if you are ready to mix up the Rolling Stones and BLACKPINK in the same playlist… 

Hunt down unknown earworms with SongCatcher

Since 2016, Deezer users have been able to track down any tune with SongCatcher by identifying the tracks playing around them within the mobile app itself. Users can then add them directly into a playlist to easily find a replay. 

But what if the song isn’t playing, but stuck in your head? Well, since September 2022, SongCatcher also now allows users to identify tracks by singing, humming or whistling — the first time any music streaming service has offered such a feature!

Put your music knowledge to the test

With over a hundred music quizzes available in the app, Deezer lets fans challenge themselves to see how much of an expert they really are, based on artists, genres, fun themes and seasonal topics. The Multiplayer Mode lets fans and music connoisseurs battle their friends in real-time and earn their spot on the leaderboard.

Always find the right track 

Sometimes it might not be a melody, but a particular lyric that gets stuck in your head. To make users’ lives easier, Deezer has made it possible to find the right rack by typing lyrics directly into the search bar. Deezer then does the hard work to find you the right tracks featuring these lyrics. 

Deezer makes it easy to switch

Since October 2021, Deezer has made it possible to transfer your entire precious music library over from another streaming service to Deezer. The Transfer Your Favorites function is easy to set up in settings with a few simple clicks. 

A thousand discoveries from just one track

In order to encourage users to discover new music, Deezer has featured on its homepage the Mix Inspired By feature. Since last September, Mix Inspired By provides easy access to mixes based on some of a user’s favorite tracks. This feature promotes music discovery through a precise and relevant algorithm.

Travel with your eyes closed and ears open

As of September 2020, Deezer can bring you all across the world with the Country Selection option. With this feature, users can choose any destination and discover the tracks that locals in that part of the world are listening to.  

Understand your favorite songs (finally)

Since April 2022, Deezer’s Lyrics Translation feature allows you to translate the most popular songs from English into French, Portuguese, German and Spanish. This is a feature entirely unique to Deezer.

Stay connected and in control of the next track
Take charge of your music across different devices with Deezer Connect. Using your mobile (iOS and Android), you can easily control the playback of music on the desktop app, other mobile devices connected to your account, or on the Deezer website. Stay comfortable and keep queuing your favorite tracks on the device of your choosing.