Deezer puts your music knowledge to the test with new quiz feature

With over a hundred music quizzes available in the app, Deezer lets fans challenge themselves to see how much of an expert they really are, based on artists, genres, fun themes and seasonal topics.

Paris, December 13, 2022Deezer has added a new exciting feature in the global music streaming app, putting its community’s knowledge to the test. With the new music quiz feature, any self proclaimed expert can test their skills and share their highscore on social media to see how they match up with their friends. There will be quizzes based on artists and genres, but also seasonal topics like “Christmas Hits” and fun themes including, “Your Favorite Songs on Speed”, “One Hit Wonders” and “Unusual Duets”. As part of its ambition to create new music experiences with in-app games, Deezer is the first major global music streaming platform to add a music quiz functionality.  

Every quiz is based on a playlist of 10 songs and the player earns points for guessing the right title as quickly as possible. Each song is played for a maximum of 30 seconds and there will be four answers to choose from. If the player guesses correctly they can gain up to a 100 points and for every second they wait to respond, points are removed from the final score.

“There are many people out there who pride themselves on their knowledge in music and now we’re giving them a chance to prove it,” said Alexandra Leloup, VP Core Product, Deezer. “Our editorial team has put together a great mix of quizzes that will allow everyone to brag about their skills to their friends, but also challenge themselves, discover new music or just have some fun. Our vision is to continue making Deezer more interactive and entertaining and the music quiz feature is a perfect example of this ambition.”   

Deezer’s music quizzes are available worldwide and do not require a paid subscription. Over a hundred categories are available globally, with a wide range of artists, genres and themes. With Deezer’s unique country selector, everyone in the world can access all local and global quizzes, no matter where they are. 

The quiz section can be easily accessed through a dedicated banner just below the Flow section in the Deezer app, as well as from the homepage and in web browsers. All tracks on every quiz can be added to a playlist directly after playing. Players can also share their scores on social media to compare against friends and family. 

A selection of music quizzes on Deezer

World Wide
Today’s Hits
Movies & TV Themes
Hip Hop Hits
Disney World
80s Hits
Tubes français
Rap des années 2000
Tubes de fin de soirée
Hits Brasil
Hits do Rap
MPB no ouvido
Músicas Virais
Divas Pop
TikTok Hits
Best of K-Pop
Films & TV Shows
Deutschpop Hits

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