Get competitive with Deezer’s new multiplayer mode for music quizzes

Deezer’s popular music quiz feature gets a highly anticipated update, letting fans and music connoisseurs battle their friends in real-time and earn their spot on the leaderboard

Paris, May 15th, 2023Deezer’s music quizzes just became even more exciting, with an upgrade that lets users compete against friends and other music lovers from around the world, directly in the app. Up to a hundred people can challenge each other simultaneously on a wide range of music quizzes available in the Deezer app. Scores are kept on leaderboards, providing bragging rights for the expert music fan.  

“Our music quizzes have become hugely popular since the launch and now we’re happy to make the experience more interactive and social with multiplayer mode and leaderboards,” said Alexandra Leloup, VP Product at Deezer. “Competing with friends in real-time and comparing results against others are features that have been highly requested by our users and we look forward to delivering this update to music fans across the world.”

With the music quizzes from Deezer fans can challenge themselves and any contender to see how much of an expert they really are, based on artists, genres, fun themes and seasonal topics. Every Deezer user can join a Multiplayer room with Premium, Family and Student subscribers being able to launch the Multiplayer mode.

Deezer is committed to creating engaging and interactive experiences for music fans worldwide and there’s much more to come in 2023.

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Karina Klusen |