Deezer leads the way in AI detection to protect the future of music streaming

Fairer artist remuneration, increased transparency and more efficient fraud prevention will be the result as Deezer develops its AI music detection capabilities

Paris, June 6th, 2023 – Deezer (Euronext Paris: DEEZR), the global music streaming platform, is building a set of cutting-edge tools, to ensure that the future of music streaming is transparent and fair. In a world where AI generated music is quickly taking off, Deezer expands its commitment to help artists monetize their music better, fight fraud, and create a better user experience for fans.

“With over 100,000 new tracks uploaded per day to our platform, it’s becoming increasingly important to prioritize quality over quantity and defend real artists that create truly valuable content,” said Jeronimo, CEO of Deezer. “As a leading streaming platform, Deezer has a responsibility to create a fair and transparent environment for music consumption. Our goal is to weed out illegal and fraudulent content, increase transparency, and develop a new remuneration system where professional artists are rewarded for creating valuable content. This is why we have embraced the discussion around a new artist centric model, and we are now also developing tools to detect AI-generated content.”

By detecting AI generated content on its platform, Deezer aims to develop a system for tagging music that has been created by generative AI, starting with songs using synthetic voices of existing artists. The tags will be used to keep artists, labels, and users informed of what’s “real” or AI–generated on the platform, reduce fraudulent activity, and ultimately develop a remuneration model that distinguishes between different types of music creation.  

Jeronimo continues: “AI can be used to create new incredible content and I believe there are massive benefits of using generative AI, but we need to ensure it’s done in a responsible way. There’s an opportunity now to get things right from the start of the AI revolution, and not make the same mistakes as the social media giants did when fake news started to flood their platforms. We owe it to the artists and the fans.”

Deezer’s toolset will leverage years of research on Audio AI and content identification,  starting with the company’s proprietary “Radar” technology. “Radar” can scan large catalogs of music, identifying any song even when the signal is distorted, tempo changed, etc, and is the foundation for Deezer’s current fraudulent content detection. “Radar” is one of many unique solutions Deezer offers to external parties as part of its Tech Services proposition. 

Press Contact DeezerJesper Wendel