Deezer launches “Open Deezer” and opens its API


Yesterday Deezer announced “OPEN DEEZER”, the easiest and broadest Application Programming Interface (API) access for developers to create innovative music streaming services, across all platforms, worldwide.

Deezer is eager to share, not only access to 15 million tracks and their metadata, but also to its user data and its full music streaming technology: no downloads required, ready-to-use plugins, and cross-platform compatibility. All platforms will be addressed via three Software Development Kits (SDKs): for Android, iOS and Web apps in JavaScript.

Daniel Marhely, Founder and CTO of Deezer, said: “The Deezer Team has constantly been looking to stay ahead technologically: making the product browser-based rather than client-based, going straight for HTML5 and being first to market with streaming apps for Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Sonos. But we know we don’t have a monopoly on great ideas, and we are thrilled to enable developers worldwide to innovate with us. There is still so much we can create to enhance people’s music experience”.

 The access to OPEN DEEZER has already been made available to Deezer’s early partners, including social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter,, mobile telephone services (Orange, Belgacom and T-Mobile), high-end hi-fi systems manufacturers (e.g. Sonos, Logitech), automotive industry manufacturers (e.g. Nissan, Parrot). Independent developers have already started developing apps on the API such as the mixing desk.

To share its success, Deezer will reward developers with £9.99* for any new subscribers coming from their applications. (*One month Premium+ subscription).

In order to gather together the most talented developers worldwide, Deezer launches the first “Deezer Hackathon” Battles in Paris and Berlin.

 Developers with great ideas and the skills to execute them will have a weekend to make fundamental changes in the way people interact with Music. The Deezer Hackathons will take place in Paris on May 25th – 27th, and Berlin on July 6th – 8th.

The best project will be selected by a world-class committee and rewarded for their contribution to the enhancement of the music experience.

The winners will have the chance to win a limited edition “Nissan JUKE DEEZER” car.

 Axel Dauchez, CEO of Deezer, said: “There are no longer any geographical limits or technological barriers for innovation in Music”.


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