The Batmobile, the car of cars, the stuff dreams are made of: nimble, slick, futuristic and quite honestly rather sexy. Who hasn’t popped a “To The Batmobile!” when you were a kid or more recently when you went grocery shopping in your *ahem*… Skoda Citigo?

Recently I called a friend of mine who had very modestly recorded on his answering machine “It’s Batman leave a message”. I got to thinking, what if Bruce Wayne was actually just an ordinary guy like you and me? Ok yes, he has more sex appeal oozing out of one bat ear than most of us can muster in a lifetime. But what about his music tastes? What does Batman listen to in the Batmobile? Is he like you and me, does he jam it out to a Jay-Z track when he stops off for a Big Mac and fries, does he bounce those chrome wheels when he hits the club, or does he brood over Catwoman whilst listening to Sam Smith? Does he have a special bro song with Robin? What does his perfect playlist really look like? Here are 20 songs for a perfect Batmobile mix tape, feel free to give us your own playlists and suggestions in the comments.

1. Batdance – Prince

The purple diva delivers a song that only a mullet bearing tank top wearing Bruce Wayne could listen to… Think Michael Keaton Batman against Jack Nicholson as the Joker with Gotham closely resembling the New York of the late 70s: a cut-throat and drug riddled hostile environment.

2. Batman And Robin – Snoop Dogg – RBX – Lady Of Rage

Behold the perfect song for a Gotham rooftop BBQ. Crack down the window, feel the breeze, put on a bit of Snoop and get your groove on as the Batmobile drives towards those smokin’ ribs. As lord Snoop puts it “Kick back Robin, get Alfred and tell him to have barbecued buffalo wings and a pitcher of Kool-Aid on chill. It’s about to get real in the field”. Don’t forget to pick up Catwoman on the way there, “the naughty kitty has some quality catnip which catches the feeling”.

3. Vespertilio – Hans Zimmer – James Newton Howard

This song gives you that tingly adrenaline rush and your brain tells you “ooooohhh badass on the horizon”, the badass being Batman… obviously. This is HIS song, the one he listens to when he prowls the streets on a rainy Monday night in the Batmobile hunting down the Joker. Just another ordinary week of fighting crime, oh how boring.

4. Crank Dat Batman – Soulja Boy

Park the Batmobile, slick back the bat ears, readjust the cape, enter the club and crank it to the left and crank it to the right. Don’t forget to order the regular: the Batmojito.

5. Gotham City Chase Scene – Solillaquists Of Sound

The Penguin’s getting away again; time to test those new gadgets Alfred was talking about. Bruce knows how to push down on the gas pedal and he’s not afraid to do it.

6. Gotham – Animal Collective

Batman’s eaten to many of those shrooms growing in the Batcave again.

7. Back In Black – AC/DC

Bruce is rather dapper but his Batman uniform takes him to another level. Picture him blasting out Back In Black on his premium speakers while he swooshes around in his black cape in his mahogany ensuite dressing room? When you got balls of steel you might as well look the part.

8. SideKick – Lisa Mitchell

This pretty much sums up Batman’s long term bromance with Robin:

“Well, I am the shape of a lonely soldier

Oh, I am the shape of a single structure

But even the bravest lions, they need a sidekick

I know that even the tallest kings, they need a sidekick”

9. Teardrop – Massive Attack

Dark, bittersweet, complex and tormented; welcome to the enigmatic and sultry Bruce Wayne of the 2000’s, he’s not messing around.

10. Just Cruisin – Will Smith

Alfred’s just polished the chrome wheels and spit shone the bumper. Lean the seat back, loosen that Batman cape and hit the city, it’s 11pm Bruce is “just cruisin”.

11. Get In My Car – 50 Cent

B**ch Get In My Car… Oh well if you insist (WHAT?! It’s the Batmobile, come on! Cut me some slack)

12. Stay With Me – Sam Smith

Bruce Wayne is a lonely man if ever there was one, lonelier than Sam Smith even. Other than old Alfred and Robin, who just doesn’t get Bruce’s inner demons, Batman doesn’t exactly have many shoulders to cry on. It’s not like he can call up a friend and tell them how crap his day’s been, “my tires went flat, Penguin got away, and everyone thinks I’m the bad guy, I can’t wait for Friday”… Everyone needs a cry song, even Batman.

13. Howlin’ For You – Black Keys

Howlin for Catwoman… obviously. Who wouldn’t howl for Selena Kyle? She’s a slick, cheekier, more evil version of Batman, she keeps him on his toes and she rocks!

14. No One Knows – Queens Of The Stone Age

“muhhuhuhuhuhuh No One Knows”. I present to you Bruce Wayne (aka Batman), biggest living troll EVER.

15. House Of Flying Daggers – Raekwon

“Ok, Robin time to get pumped up, s*it’s about to hit the fan, Joker’s in town.”

16. We Built This City – Starship

It’s been a good day, the criminals have been thwarted; wind down the Bat roof, it’s time to play the ultimate victory jam and head home to the Wayne Mansion.

17. A Night On A Bald Mountain – Mussorgsky

For many of you, Bruce Wayne is an unconditional fan of classical music (the idea of Bruce jigging to Starship? Absolute heresy!), so I chose this piece of badass classical music; intense and troubled like Bruce’s soul.

18. Made In The Dark – Hotchip

Oh Batman, Catwoman is so mean to you, but you sure have her under your skin. Besides who else other than her could love such a nocturnal tormented animal as yourself? You were both made in the dark.

19. Hundred Mile High City – Ocean Colour Scene

Who is the king of Gotham? Batman’s the king of Gotham.

“So I said I’m on the roam, so I need a car

And I know that I’m gettin’ alive

And I say I got faith and a season

And I say that’s where I’m goin’ to”


OH YEAH! It’s Friday night, it’s back to the Batcave to partayyyy (another round of Batmojito yay)!!!

“Cause tonight

Only Batman rules the night, oh yeah

So everybody, let’s go party

To the Batcave!!”

Here is the full playlist: