Summer, it goes by so fast. You’ve barely managed to get rid of the blisters caused by your flip-flops that suddenly you’re off again trudging to the office with a mangy peeling tan. After surfing those glittery waves you suddenly find yourself surfing the dank underground next to rancid armpits and grey-faced zombies.

All the benefits of summer disappear at the snap of a finger, the soothing sound of night insects fade as you concentrate on avoiding dog turds that litter the concrete jungle.

Luckily for some of you there are yet a few summer waves to surf before daily life comes back to punch you in the face. Summer hasn’t quite ended yet so make the most of it. Feel the last rays of sun stroke your skin, the sand move between your toes, sip on those extra strong caïpirinha’s, listen to the crickets at night, and practice a few more dive bombs in the pool.

Voila a playlist full of laid-back summer tunes, enjoy those late afternoon rays of sunlight, or if like me you’re stuck behind a desk, shut your eyes, sprinkle yourself abundantly with table salt and water and let your imagination run wild. Press play:

1. There Goes the Fear – The Doves

Rev up your rented van, hit the road, wind down the window, and let the breeze hit your face.

2. Hello Sunshine – Super Furry Animals

“I’m a minger, you’re a minger too, so come on minger I want to ming with you”

Enjoy the sunrise with your minger, no matter how minging you both are. Ming out those last summer days!

3. Summer Ends – Agua Roja

Wax your board, watch your friends bob up and down on the waves and take it all in. Leave your phone in your bag and take a mental picture whilst you tell yourself that no summer will ever be quite like this one.

4. Daydream – Beach Fossils

I know I’m beginning to sound like I’m pitching a car advert but ‘Daydream’ smells of Monoï oil, surf huts, seaweed, other green stuff and good times.

5. Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys

A summer playlist without ‘Good Vibrations’ is like a bird without wings… pointless.

Long live Brian Wilson for capturing the essence and vibe of California in one legendary song.

6. Engine ’54 – The Ethiopians

One of the most legendary rocksteady ska bands of all time founded in Jamaica by Leonard Dillon, Neville Duncan, Wally Booker & Harold Bishop in 1963. ‘Engine ’54’ is everything that is right with summer: chillaxed, easy, slow and sexy.

7. Rue des Etoiles – Adrien Soleiman

This astral song composed by French singer-songwriter Adrien Soleiman makes life seem so effortless. The song is an ode to childhood: think the sun beating on your back, jelly shoes, lemonade, vanilla cakes and crab fishing in the rock pool. A nostalgic reminder of those days when there wasn’t a care in the world.

8. In The Water – Beat Connection

This Baleares drenched song is a great upbeat track for those who haven’t left the city and have been filling their lungs with exhaust fumes all summer. Picture yourself draped in a tie-dye turtle print sarong, dancing arms in the air on the beach until the sun sets.

9. As Young As Yesterday – Korallreven

That’s the marvelous thing about vacations you see, they will always make you feel as young as yesterday, and that’s why they end too soon.

10. How Bizarre – OMC

A 90’s classic if ever I knew one; unbutton that polyester shirt, squeeze on your pinkie ring and just keep on “cruisin down the freeway in the hot hot sun”.

11. Go Outside – Cults

Ooooh all those glittery waves, that setting sun and dogs running along the beach. Enjoy the postcard view for they are so rare.

12. Lovers Carvings – Bibio

Summer isn’t just about the sea, sun and sand, many like the idea of a forest retreat, where they can idly pass the days reading a book, somersaulting into waterfalls, cutting wood and basically not giving a sh*t. Why fry on an overcrowded beach when you can hide out in the woods emerging only to buy your morning muesli at the local store? Listen to ‘Lovers Carvings’ and enjoy the rest of your well-earned solitude.

13. Cue 1– Madlib

The beach nap, let’s never forget the beach nap, hail the beach nap, the ultimate siesta (don’t do it without sun cream though).

14. Walkabout – Atlas Sound

An incandescent track composed by Bradford Cox featuring Noah Lennox (Animal Collective), full of sunshine and shimmery synths that radiate pure summer euphoria.

15. Killing the Vibe – Ducktails

Pack up the surfboards, head back home with your mates for a cold shower and a few drinks… Perfectomundo my friend perfectomundo.


16. Horse Steppin’ – Sun Araw

Not ready to go home yet? Sit back and watch the sun set gradually on the water, smell the tide coming in, and chill to this neo-psychedelia gem.

17. I Remember – Yeasayer

Nothing quite like summer love is there? Whatever your age, be it 16 or 64, summer romances are always bittersweet. You’ll either cry it out at the back of your parent’s car when you leave, or head back to the office misty eyed… Tinder can wait a bit you’ve got the feels.

18. It Feels Alright – Washed Out

Nothing quite like gradually waving goodbye to summer with this dream pop number. Tranquil, serene and sun-kissed, you smell the dried salt on your skin and realize that your mind and body are finally rested. You left with aching shoulders and now you could cartwheel your way back home.

19. How do I know – Here We Go Magic

Dance like no one’s watching, it’s your holiday!

20. Advanced Falconry – Mutual Benefit

Hey it’s ok to be corny sometimes. This is a great sunset song. You might be hanging out on a porch in Louisiana, or watching the sun begin to set over the Atlantic Ocean, or sailing through a fjord in Norway­ — or you just might be walking home from work. Just play this song and turn your face to the skyline, it’s been a good day.