What Does The World’s Perfect Popstar Look Like? Find Out!

Picture: hitsync.net

Who ever said looks mattered? Well according to social media quite a lot of you actually. To be the ultimate pop star the real deal includes physique, attitude and stage personality. Thanks to social media celebrities are finding themselves under scrutiny more than ever before. Today we can reveal exactly what the public thinks it takes to create the ideal global pop star.

Over the past 12 months we have analyzed over 4 million social conversations (like the ones about Justin Bieber’s naked butt) using social media tools combined with listening data from Deezer. Turns out that Beyonce’s legs and Selena Gomez’s smile are what the interweb hampers after the most.

Adele’s voice is the most envied voice and Ariana Grande’s ponytail comes out first in the hair department (like that annoying girl in your Zumba class with her Pantene Pro V hair that bounces… even after a 2 hour work out). Rihanna trumps everyone with the three most enviable assets (her eyes, breasts and attitude). Queen B on the other hand has the best pins and arms. And clearly we like big butts and we cannot lie with Nicki Minaj out-twerking everyone with her notorious lady lump.

As for the perfect generic pop hunk, the winner is none other than the Biebs. “What do you mean?” you tell us. Well research shows that Justin Bieber’s nose, arms and backside are the most celebrated assets by the Beliebers. Harry Styles sports the most luscious locks and Ed Sheeran’s sea blue eyes are swooned over around the world. Kanye West’s –rare as the yeti– smile is the most desirable, while Calvin Harris’s abs are the world’s eye candy. Finally Drake comes in first with the savviest voice.

So where does that leave our perfect pop stars? Well if you compile the data, the perfect pop princess is, 20% Rihanna, 20% Beyoncé and 20% Adele, with a touch of Ariana, Selena and Ellie thrown in. As for our hunky dreamboat, we’re looking at 30% Bieber, 20% Drake, with a pinch of Kanye and a bit of dirty talk from Jason Derulo.

This is what the internet has nominated as the worlds most “perfect“ popstars.


Top female artist features of the past year:

Artist Body Part Mentions
Adele Voice 273,491
Ariana Grande Hair 61,159
Rihanna Eyes 5,052
Beyoncé Arms 3,107
Nicki Minaj Bum 2,933
Beyoncé Legs 2,725
Rihanna Chest 2,678
Adele Nose 1,702
Selena Gomez Smile 1,664
Ellie Goulding Abs 1,496

Listen to the playlist here.


Top male artist features of the past year:

Artist Body Part Mentions
Harry Styles Hair 193,86
Justin Bieber Arms 58,538
Ed Sheeran Eyes 50,465
Kanye West Smile 28,803
Drake Legs 13,263
Justin Bieber Nose 8,994
Drake Voice 8,565
Justin Bieber Bum 3,545
Calvin Harris Abs 2,5
Jason Derulo Pecs 2,46

Listen to the playlist here.