Deezer Hack Session

On April 14th 2016, we organized a Deezer Hack Session in our Paris Office, a day long internal hackathon open to all our collaborators, whatever the team they belong to. Engineers, Product Specialists, Designers, HR and Marketing Fellows, etc. all joined to explore, try, innovate and build original prototypes.

Jimena and Alexis mixing music and emoji

We had a lot of ideas, music and pizzas!

Dream it, build it, tweak it, share it.

We have been holding internal hackathons for several years, simply because we believe that they are a great way for employees to bond, brainstorm, explore new technologies, be creative and above all have fun!

Working on hackathon projects in our cafeteria

Flow Radio was one of the cool and original inventions the teams managed to concoct during this session: Mickaël from the R&D team and seven other colleagues managed to bring an old Schneider radio back to to life by integrating our streaming services (Flow and Discovery). How cool is that?!

Flow Radio WIP

Our teams have many other tricks up our sleeves and it’s a matter of time before we’ll introduce some our creative (and sometimes crazy) ideas into your Deezer experience.

Alexis, on the right, Managing Director France, was part of one of the team

At the end, more than 80 employees were part of the hackathon and almost 30 projects have been initiated: functional hardware prototype, new features for our mobile product, music social solutions, bots and integrations in external services, recognition and recommendation exclusive concepts.

Xavier building mix features

The next day, the 30 teams had to present what they created.

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You can get more informations about the technical events we host on our dedicated DeezerTech meetup group.

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Lots of food