Deezer’s New Family Plan Celebrates Music as a Family Affair


Deezer launches one shared music plan for families to share their music memories

London, September 22nd, 2016: Deezer, one of the world’s leading music streaming services, today launched ‘Deezer Family’ – a shared music plan that gives family members full Premium+ and unlimited access to more than 40 million tracks on multiple devices at the same time.

Supporting the fact that family plans are becoming more important in the way that people consume music, a recent study* has found that more than three quarters (77%) of people like listening to and sharing music with their families; dispelling the perception of parents banging on teens’ bedroom doors.

Additional evidence** on music within families also suggests it plays an important role in developing a family’s identity, helping to create positive memories and enhance family values. Nowadays, when kids hit their teenage years, music associated with families is having an increasingly positive effect.

Research from Stefan Koelsch, PhD, Professor for Biological and Music Psychology explores the social functions and benefits of music. In his article ‘Social Contact to Social Cohesion – The 7 Cs***, Koelsch concludes that when integrated within social functions, like within the family dynamic or other group situations, music can ultimately make people happy. “Music making is an activity involving several social functions. The ability, and the need, to engage in these social functions is part of what makes us human, and the emotional effects of engaging in these functions include experiences of reward, fun, joy, and happiness.”, Stefan Koelsch, PhD

Deezer’s new Family Plan means families can immediately start communicating, making and sharing their own music memories. The offering allows up to six family members to create their own individual accounts, where each user can personalise their own Flow, create playlists, and highlight their favourite tracks.

We are thrilled to be rolling out the Deezer Family Plan globally, strengthening our overall offering in the music streaming space and showing that music really is a family affair. What’s more, with Deezer Family, I no longer have my Flow disrupted by my daughter’s taste in music. Instead, our family can now create individual music profiles, personalising our very own Flow, and creating playlists that suit our individual tastes”, said Alexander Holland, Chief Content and Product Officer, Deezer.

The new Family Plan includes:

  • Premium + Accounts – Up to six family members can take full advantage of the largest global music catalogue with over 40 million tracks, zero interruption and offline listening at a cost of just £14,99 per month
  • Personalised Individual Profiles – Each family member can jam out simultaneously whenever and wherever, with access to their own personal Flow, meaning they can create their own playlists
  • Family Mix – A bespoke mix created, that plays to the music tastes of all family members
  • Deezer Kids – ‘Just for Kids’ includes the best audio content for little ones, from nursery rhymes all the way to the latest hits for tweens and teens
  • Multiple Devices – Each family member can use two devices per profile and up to three connected devices on the main account, with a total of 13 devices available

* Junior City, June 2016

**Frontiers in Psychology, 2014

*** From Social Contact to Social Cohesion—The 7 Cs, 2013

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