Now Travelers Can Enjoy Deezer Flow, Playlists, Podcasts and More

July 6th, 2017 – Deezer, the world’s most diverse, dynamic and personal music streaming service, announced today a partnership with Isilines/Eurolines, a pan-European bus service for travellers, operating in just under 1,000 European destinations.

Enrich the travel experience

Whether it’s a short trip to the next town or a long journey ahead, music fans will now be able travel to their preferred destination accompanied by loved playlists from their favourite artists.

From today, all travellers will be eligible for a discounted Deezer Premium + user for 3 months. This will give them immediate access to over 43 million tracks in addition to Deezer Flow, their personal soundtrack which, through a combination of smart data and human curation, intuitively knows what you want to hear. Travellers in select markets will also receive access to a unique playlist generator* and a bespoke summer playlist, when booking their tickets.

The partnership includes:

  • Three months of Premium+ at 0.99€ per month** and the opportunity to extend the subscription at the end of the three months at 9.99€
  • Unlimited play time as Premium + listener to all music, channels, playlists, mixes and podcasts (where available)
  • Select destinations subscribers will have access to a special seasonal playlist from Isilines/Eurolines and Deezer, available starting in July and August; as well as a playlist generator to match the travellers’ destinations and duration of trips (in France)
  • Available in 15 countries throughout Europe***

“We want to make sure every journey on our bus provides the comfort and feeling of being at home. For many of us, that feeling of comfort and feeling connected is through music. Deezer is known for its personalised and intuitive recommendations with Flow and the perfect accompaniment for our travellers in Europe,” said Hugo Roncal, Chief Executive, Isilines.

“We are delighted to bring music to travellers across Europe this summer and Isilines/Eurolines is a great partner with which to do this.  Sit on the bus, press Flow and enjoy Deezer’s superb music experience”, said Julien Savy, Director Global Partnerships at Deezer.


*The playlist generator is currently available in France only

** After 3 months, subscribers will need to pay regular Premium + monthly charge of 9.99€ per month

***Countries include: France, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Finland


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