Ok Google, play my Flow

Google Home, Google’s smart PA trapped inside a speaker, has just added Deezer to its list. With Google Home and Deezer Premium+, it is now possible to voice control your music streaming. Launching in France and Germany, with the UK, US, Canada and Australia coming soon, you can play your favorite playlists, artists, radios and audio contents through your smart speaker and make your life so much easier. Just start with “Ok Google,…

1- The jedi of multitasking

The kids are whining for their cereal, you can’t find their shoes and your boss is already bombarding you with 10 “urgent” emails. When the heck are you going to find time to search for that much needed playlist? With Deezer on Google Home, you can say “Ok Google, play my morning focus playlist” and make hectic mornings just a little less painful.

2- Avoid killing the mood

It’s that awkward moment when you and your partner are getting it on and suddenly your guilty pleasure, Chumbawamba, starts playing. Instead of getting up to change the music, giving your lover a window of opportunity to tell you they’re just not into it anymore, just say “Ok Google, next song” and you’re back in business.

3- Less distraction, more interaction

There’s nothing more annoying than sitting down at a family meal, and realizing you forgot to add some music. With Google Home, you can say “Ok Google, play my Flow and enjoy your meal together, at the same time and while it’s still warm.

4- Who is this?

You’re relaxing on the sofa, listening to a chillout playlist and something you’ve never heard before comes on. You could hunt around for your phone in a race before the song ends or you could just say “Ok Google, who is playing?”.

5- More connectivity, less remotes

A remote for the TV, a remote for the speakers, a remote for the internet… stop it with the remotes already. Just ask.

6 – Save time for the important stuff

Get home, kick off your shoes, crash-land onto your couch, and “Ok Google, play something relaxing”. There, you’ve saved enough time to go get that well-deserved glass of Prosecco out of the fridge. It’s called killing two birds with one stone.

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