We wandered the streets of Atlanta with Orthodox Jewish rapper Sammy K

If you think that the Torah and hip-hop don’t mix, think again. We hung out with hip-hop’s newest rap sensation Sammy K, and talked world peace, Judaism in rap and Atlanta.

As hip-hop’s center of gravity, Atlanta has harbored platinum-selling artists such as Lil John, Ludacris and Gucci Mane. Although the music scene there is already rich and varied, hip-hop music is a particularly interesting case study of a genre that has rapidly become inclusive. Take Sammy K, the Jewish rapper with one of the sickest flows in the game. Born and raised in the hip-hop capital, his rap game is squeaky clean but sophisticated. With many artists under fire for cultural appropriation, Sammy K has ditched the gold chain and traditional hip-hop attire for the Kippah, putting him straight on his own path. Stated as the master of the most “Jewish Dougie ever”, his heritage has contributed to creating catchy and unique rap anthems. However, do not be misled, even if his viral hit “Kosher Kosher” draws a smile with his witty repartee about the Hebrew way of life, Sammy K also preaches world peace, diversity and acceptance.

But things were not always bright for Sammy K, his first major hit “Alone” (feat. Yaakov Galen) was inspired after the tragic loss of his friend Ezra Schwartz, a victim of a terror attack. This drove him to funnel his grief into music, releasing two EPs. After a stint in New York where he released “Kosher Kosher”, Sammy K is now back in Atlanta to take his game to the next level.

Hip-hop has become part of Sammy K’s life journey. His Hebrew take on trap music is the proof that music is an infinite canvas, for artists to take ownership of. Much like Action Bronson before him, Sammy K is an average guy with a colorful personality, a passion for rap and the talent to take that passion to new heights. We’re glad to have met a rapper with Chutzpah “climbing up Jacob’s ladder”.