New Deezer SongCatcher Feature Brings Music Closer to the Fans

Deezer Advances Audio Recognition Tool with New Mobile Feature that Identifies Tracks and Artists

December 15, 2017 – London: Today, Deezer, the world’s most diverse, dynamic and personal music streaming service, is making it possible for music lovers to turn into music know-it-alls, with the introduction of Deezer SongCatcher. For the first time ever, Deezer users will be able to identify forgotten songs or discover unknown tracks on their mobile devices, by simply holding their phone up and letting the search function do the work for them.

According to a memory study conducted by Nature Neuroscience*, the human mind tends to forget old memories to make room for new memories.  With Deezer SongCatcher, music fans can save time guessing the names of songs and use the search function to find SongCatcher to quickly identify unknown tracks, from Deezer’s catalogue of 44+m songs, by showing the artist’s name and song title.

Deezer SongCatcher features include:

  • Quick identification and sourcing of unknown tracks within the Deezer app through the use of the search function that directs users to “identify sound”
  • Newly identified tracks which can be added directly to your favorites and/or playlist
  • The ability to play all saved and favorite tracks from SongCatcher

“The joy of hearing new music or a long-forgotten favorite is also about knowing which artist or what song is playing. Deezer SongCatcher enables us to eliminate the tongue-biting frustration of trying to search frantically for a song online before it ends, which then eclipses the fun of actually being present in that moment to enjoy the music” said Alexander Holland, Chief Content and Product Officer, Deezer.

Currently available in BETA, Deezer SongCatcher, powered by ACRCloud, will be rolled out over the coming months and will be open to Premium+ subscribers. Initially available on Android, it will be coming to iOS next year.

*Nature Neuroscience, December 2014


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