Fnatic Takes Deezer Music Streaming Partnership to New Level with ‘Sound of Fnatic’ Gaming Mood Playlists


New York, NY [December 4, 2018]: : Fnatic, one of the world’s leading global esports brands, and global music streaming service, Deezer, has today announced the new ‘Sound of Fnatic’ experience that will bring fans even closer to the tunes that motivate and inspire their favourite players.

As part of its award-winning partnership with Deezer, fans can now visit the brand new ‘Sound of Fnatic’ landing page and discover a variety of tunes from one of the three Fnatic playlist categories – Fnatic Moods, Music Mondays and Player Playlists.

For the ‘Player Playlists’, eighteen Fnatic players from a variety of games personally hand-picked and created dedicated playlists to share with fans including:

  • League of Legends World Finalists ‘Rekkles’ and ‘Hyllisang’
  • Heroes of the Storm European Champions ‘SMX’ and ‘Breez
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League players ‘Krimz’ and ‘JW

The ‘Fnatic Moods’ playlists reflect specific gaming emotions and moods, ranging from the celebratory ‘winning streak’ playlist to the angsty ‘rage quit’ playlist. Deezer Premium users can also follow the various playlists, ‘like’ their favourite players and add any of the playlists directly to their own library to enjoy later through the Deezer app.

Fnatic is one of the few esports teams globally that has successfully united with music streaming services. Its partnership with leading music streaming service Deezer even won the prestigious ‘European Sponsorship Association’ award – recognising the synergies between competitive gameplay and music.

Benoit Pagotto, Marketing Director, Fnatic said: “We’re proud of our innovative partnership with Deezer. As one of the first esports organisations to partner with them or any music streaming service full stop, we enjoy bringing new experiences to our fans.  The ‘Sound of Fnatic’ playlists celebrates that music is a big part of the Fnatic universe and gaming in general and we simply wanted to share our player’s thoughts and musical tastes with the fans.”

Ralph Pighin, Vice President Central & Eastern Europe, Deezer also commented: “As music can be so personal, it’s very exciting that Fnatic’s players have opened up to share their favourite tracks and artists with the world. Fans can feel closer to their gaming heroes and get a real understanding of the tunes that are pushing them through some of their most competitive tournament moments!”

For more information about Fnatic and Deezer’s partnership, visit https://music.fnatic.com.