• International survey of 8,000 adults shows 66% discover new music after romantic break-ups
  • Music is also important when forming relationships, with 21% of people on first dates pretending to know an artist or song

A romantic break-up is one of the major triggers in life prompting people to seek out new music, according to research by global music streaming service Deezer. New research in Brazil, France, Germany and the USA, found that our music tastes change dramatically after a life-changing experience, with 66% of lonely hearts admitting that new artists and songs help combat heartbreak.

Deezer reached out to 8,000 adults across all four countries to identify big life moments that inspire us to discover new tunes. It found a quarter of respondents (25%) seek out new music to rebuild our confidence after a romantic break-up or use music to move on and meet new people. Music can also set the tone for a budding new romance, with over a fifth (21%) of respondents pretending to know a song or artist when asked on a first date.

It’s not just hearts that music can mend, as the research found in times of illness or unhappiness, 39% of us rely on new music to assist us during our recovery. It also works wonders for calming our nerves, as over 77% listen to music when feeling tense or nervous.

Whether we’re happy or sad, our moods are a good indicator of when we want to discover new music. More than half of the respondents (56%) have turned to ‘mood’ playlists to match their emotional state, with 43% looking to relax, 31% when feeling stressed, and 27% of those experiencing bliss.

New positive changes in our lives can also motivate us to discover music, as 32% turn to music when starting a new job. When we’re feeling bold or adventurous, 46% seek out new music when traveling or exploring the world, while 19% use new music to help them find a new hobby.

Aurélien Hérault, Chief Research and Data Officer at Deezer, said: “It’s fascinating to see from our research how new music discovery is closely linked to the important phases and events in people’s lives. Music is always part of us and an evolving soundtrack to our lives. The good news is Deezer is ready to bring the music no matter what life moments awaits us.”

Interestingly, the moments in our lives when we turn to music vary country by country, as 70% of Brazilians found comfort in discovering new music after a break-up. Brazilians are also the most likely to pretend to have heard a song or artist on a first date (29%) while the French tend to keep it real, with only 18% exaggerating their musical knowledge. Germans are most inclined to turn to new music to help with recovery during times of illness or sadness, (68%) but are least likely to use mood generated playlists to discover new music (50%).

Deezer’s three-part research into musical discovery is to better understand people’s relationship with music, and find out when music fans want to hear new songs and artists. Last year, the music streaming platform revealed that as we near our thirties, 65%[1] of us listen to the same old tracks and stop discovering new music. It’s also likely that our taste in music is shaped early on in our lives, as 72%[2] of parents admitted to influencing their children’s music taste.

Music lovers who want songs to match all their big and small moments in life can discover more than 53 million tracks available on Deezer. To find out more, visit www.deezer.com.

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[1] Survey of 5,000 adults in Brazil, Germany, France, UK and the USA, June 2018

[2] Survey of 10,000 parents in Brazil, Germany, France, UK and the USA, November 2018