Do you know which artists get your money?

After several months of hardwork and dedication we’re thrilled to announce our new initiative! Deezer has launched a new website to show users how we want to make streaming music fairer for everyone by implementing a User-Centric Payment System, UCPS. We are aiming to launch our new payment mode early next year to give the power to subscribers to decide where their money goes. With UCPS, your monthly payments go to the artists you listen to, rather than the current market share-based system.

Access our simulator on our special UCPS website – You’ll be able to discover your top five artists and exactly how much of your Deezer subscription is paid out to the acts you love.

Share below any questions you may have and join in the conversation on social media with the hashtag #MakeStreamingFair.

Let’s make an impact in the music industry and get music streaming fairer for everyone!