Prove You’re a Bigger Music Fan Than Your Friends With ‘My Deezer Year’

Fancy telling the world about which artists you had on repeat this year? Secretly love revealing your guilty pleasures? Or just want to be shocked (or not so much “coz music is life”) at how many hours of tunes you got through this year?

Look no further. For the first time ever, Deezer lets you see your most played artists, tracks and podcasts with #MyDeezerYear. 

Our new website serves you up handy ‘shareable’ cards for your social media. It’s ready and waiting for you today at Use your Deezer account to log in and get ready to prove you’re a real music addict. 

These are the juicy stats My Deezer Year gives you: 

  • Your total listening time 
  • Your top artists, albums, tracks and genre 
  • Your most binged podcast
  • Your new 2019 artist crush
  • The track you’ve been secretly loving 
  • Your listening style (creature of habit vs. adventurer)
  • Your animal rhythm (based on BPM)
  • The decade you would relive if you could go back in time 
  • Your best SongCatcher find 
  • Your top sing-along song (most played with lyrics turned on) 

If that’s not enough, we’re also putting your top listened to tracks into a handy playlist. ‘Your 2019’ is next to Flow on the homepage and gives you 50 tracks that you’ve been loving – all in a handy mix. 

Not a Deezer user? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered for your 2020 soundtrack. Just head to and we’ll give you the first three months of Deezer Premium completely free.