Deezer Music and Podcasts Find a New Home

Your Music and Shows Now Available on Android

Life is full of tough (listening) choices. One minute you’re in the mood for new music, the next you’re dying to dig into the new podcast you keep hearing about. Whatever your ears crave, we’ve got them covered with a new Music and Shows Tab for all our Android fans. Say bye-bye to FOMO and hello to your new personal homepage on Deezer.

Your Music Tab

If music is your first love, look no further than at the top of your homepage. Flow now lives here so that you can get your personal endless stream of music easier than ever. If you haven’t tried Flow yet, you’re missing out. Flow uses smart data and recommendations from our editors. This helps us combine songs you love and help expand your musical taste with new tracks.

What else is new? Swipe left past Flow to find more music goodness. Don’t forget you can add any of the featured songs you see to your personal favorites and playlists.

  • Personalized Mixes – Something different every day. There are three different playlists that feature a mix of artists that you enjoy the most. This month, we’re also throwing in “Your 2019” – a mix of the top 50 tracks you’ve been loving this year
  • New Releases – Every Friday, we’ll suggest up to 40 newly released songs.  We’ll base this off of artists, albums, tracks and personal playlists that you’ve liked
  • “Chill” and “Discovery” – Kick back with your own relaxed playlist or get out of your comfort zone and find new favorites. We’ll update both playlists on a weekly basis

Shows Tab

Do you hear voices in your headphones? Don’t worry. That’s just one of the thousands of podcasts and radio programs* you can listen to. Just look for the small mic at the bottom of your homepage. It’s your portal to the best local and global talk content.**

What else is in it for you? A lot, actually. Both our free and Premium subscribers can download their favorite podcast episodes to enjoy on the go.

  • Custom Channels – Here to help you find something you like. Choose from over 15 different categories. There’s comedy, society & culture, fiction, music podcasts and education
  • Collections – Looking for something more niche? We’ve also got subcategories for topics like travel, cooking, self-help, parenthood, podcasts for kids, inspirational women and entrepreneurs
  • Deezer Originals – Did we mention we make our own local podcasts? People in Germany can enjoy the likes of “Rap ist Kampfsport.” French listeners get “L’Heure de Gloire.” And our Brazilian friends have “Stereo Falante”
  • Podcasts for You – Our top recommendations just for you, based on what you’ve listened to before

“Have you ever wanted to listen to something but not sure what? We know the feeling. Our job is to help you avoid it. Podcasts are a natural part of the day for many listeners. We want to make sure your shows are easy to find and sit side by side with your music. And it makes perfect sense to put one of the best recommendation engines in the business to work, helping you discover new shows” said Deezer’s Chief Product and Growth Officer Stefan Tweraser, who’s recently been enjoying “The Dirt Soldiers Motorcross Podcast”.

* Radio fans can find stations from around the world including US, UK, FR, BR, DE and NL

** Shows available in FR, BR, DE, AT, CH, UK, IE, US, CO and NL for 100% of Android users in the coming weeks