Your tracks, without gaps!

Do you know those albums where you can’t figure out when a track starts and ends? Melodies seamless moving from one to another, like an eager humming-bird :dove: from flower :rosette: to flower :blossom: … :violin::musical_score:

Of course you do!

Put the philosophical moment aside, you’ve been asking us about this feature for quite some time now  :bellhop::hammer:

We’ve worked and worked hard to finally deliver to you a standard you deserve: Gapless playback. :v_tone2:

The feature isn’t surely new to the world but it took some sweat to be implemented in our super vast catalogue. In fact, we’re doing this gradually so that your listening experience runs smoothly, without any hiccups – literally :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :fog:

For those who aren’t familiar with the technical stuff, this is what we’re talking about:

  • Audio formats such as MP3 and FLAC add tiny little gaps of silence before and after the track, which can be disruptive to listening when the content recorded wasn’t intended to have gaps between each track –  a good example being a recording of a live album or concert.  Gapless playback will remove these gaps at the beginning and end, to offer an improved listening experience.

For now, this is for our mobile Android and iOS apps – and for HiFi users only. This is because our FLAC catalogue doesn’t need re-encoding (the tracks are ready for the feature) but our MP3‘s will need some polishing before everyone can enjoy it. And remember, there’s no need to switch anything on, we’ve taken care of that for you :wink:

So if you’re on Android and can’t wait, update your app to 6.2.1 (you must be a Beta user) and if you’re on iOS, this should already be a part of your life but if it isn’t, you just need to wait a bit longer  :calling:

For our desktop app and web users, don’t worry, we’re finishing it too :thumbsup_tone2::nerd:

What’s the first album you’re listening to? Let us know below!

I think you’ll know my choice :smile:

Not on HiFi? Check out our offers here :raised_hands_tone2:

Can’t wait to get your Premium subscription on gapless too? Please see here for more info :smiley:

It’s being rolled-out gradually – so wait for your turn :stuck_out_tongue: