Closing the gap between you and your music

New gapless playback on Deezer HiFi eliminates noiseless breaks

Silence is for libraries, not your music. So, when those annoying pauses pop up in between tracks, consider it a thing of the past.

Now, with our new gapless playback, Deezer HiFi fans won’t need to fast-forward or wait for the next track to begin. You can listen to any high definition tracks, whether it’s your favorite live album or classical orchestra without any breaks in true CD quality.

“I’m constantly playing music at my house, especially when I invite my friends over. I can’t tell you how many times I had these awkward moments of silence while we all waited for the next track to come on. Gapless on HiFi allows me to focus only on the music,” said Benoit Terpereau, our VP of Product at Deezer.

Gapless playback is set by default, so HiFi users don’t have to update a thing! It’s available to our HiFi users around the world on all mobile, iOS, Android devices.*

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*Notes: Gapless playback is also available for HiFi subscribers on Sonos, Apple Homepod (with Airplay), Apple Watch, Ultimate Ears (via Bluetooth), BMW, Carplay and Waze.