Deezer Recognized as a Particular Hero Partner of AppGallery

  • New strategic partnership gives Huawei users instant access to Deezer
  • Deezer offers AppGallery users in Europe, Russia and Turkey with a 3-month Premium subscription

    AppGallery, Huawei’s official app distribution platform and one of the top three app marketplaces globally, welcomes a new partner to join its roster of top apps. Global streaming service Deezer is officially recognized as a particular hero partner thanks to a new partnership with Huawei in Europe, Turkey and Russia. AppGallery features apps that provide consumers with an elevated and innovative app experience, and a hero partnership takes a step further by identifying recommended must-have apps for users.

    Huawei fans won’t have to search far to find around-the-clock audio entertainment. Deezer’s diverse catalogue of 56 million tracks connects fans to the best music, podcasts, radio and audiobooks.* Huawei is also giving AppGallery users in Europe, Turkey and Russia a chance to sign up for a free 3 month Deezer Premium subscription.

    “Huawei and Deezer share a culture of innovation and a challenger mindset. The new partnership with a global mobile leader helps us strengthen our foothold all over Europe. Huawei users can enjoy all of their favourite music and audio entertainment and find the plan that suits their needs the most,” said Deezer’s Chief Executive Officer, Hans-Holger Albrecht.

    Deezer’s Premium benefits include zero ads, unlimited skips, downloads and offline plays. Deezer’s features include:

    Flow: your personal soundtrack that plays songs you want to hear. Personalized just for you using smart data, algorithms and editorial recommendations.
    Lyrics on the go: look up song lyrics or start your own karaoke party.
    Songcatcher: identify unknown tracks and save to your personal playlist.
    Shows: a dedicated tab featuring Deezer Originals and third-party podcasts. Over 15 custom channels ranging from humor, news, comedy, crime, lifestyle, parenting and more.

    Deezer offers users with various subscription plans including Free, Premium, Family, HiFi and Student*

    Deezer is available now on the AppGallery. To download the app and enjoy the special offer, visit the AppGallery.

    *Student offer is only available in select countries. For more information, please visit: