Joining Deezer Family has just become much easier

:bell: You can now add independent accounts to your Deezer Family :juggling_tone4:

Up until now, you had to create individual profiles for all your loved ones, so they can also enjoy life through Deezer.

But some of you wanted your own login details too, so that you all don’t have to share the same email and password. Times change, right? Well, once more, the community has been heard and we’re ready to take our Deezer Family experience to another level.

You now have the option to:

  • create your profiles the same way as before (particularly useful for kids profiles)
  • add an individual account to your Deezer Family – what you’ve been waiting for!

Welcome to Deezer Family ‘2.0’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: how does it work?

  • the Deezer Family subscription main account sends an invitation to an existing Deezer user
  • The user who received the invitation joins the Deezer Family subscription, but their account remains completely independent and private! Other members of the Deezer Family do not have access to it
  • Login is always done with their own credentials, and the new addition can easily continue to enjoy all the content from their own account
  • The connection to a variety of devices as a Deezer Family user is now a possibility
  • The number of Family members does not change: 5 profiles OR independent accounts can be linked to the subscription in addition to the main account

The requirements to join a Deezer Family account :white_check_mark:

  • The account to be added must be on our free subscription. If there’s a paid subscription in place, you must cancel it and wait for the end of it
  • The main account and the guest account must be from the same country


For more info and a detailed guide on what to do, please see our brand new article here :writing_hand_tone3: