Analytics by Deezer – a new tool for Podcasters

Are you a podcaster with episodes on Deezer? :loudspeaker:

Today we launched Analytics by Deezer, an app for podcasters with content in our platform.

This new app is ideal for people who like getting their insights on the move. It gives you easy-to-read charts and stats on your show’s audience and success, helping to shape your content strategy :thinking:

Analytics by Deezer is available worldwide in English, and can be downloaded on iOS or Android for free here :grin: 


Analytics :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Find out the number of streams, unique listeners, fans and shares of your podcast, plus the total and peak listening time. You can also see your best performing episode and the duration of listening time :relieved:


Audience :ferris_wheel:

See the age and gender of your fans. This tab also shows the device breakdown and whether they’re listening on mobile (iOS or Android), desktop or web.

Proud of your show’s success? You can share your stream numbers directly to social media with your fans or community. To get started, simply create an account in the app and request information to your show.

For more info about this amazing app, check our support article here :point_left_tone2: