Deezer Widgets on iOS are here!

Ever come across a song in a taxi or a bar (let’s pretend it’s pre-Covid), this incredible banger that could be your next anthem… if only you knew what it actually was? You probably asked the people around you what song it was and the best you got was a, “It’s Radiohead, I guess.” Is it? Maybe. You don’t know.

By the time you get your phone out of your pocket to type the lyrics out to search the song would have ended. Another one-that-got-away to add to your growing list.

Imagine if you didn’t have to go through all of that. Imagine having to just click on something on your phone and getting that song title almost immediately.

With Deezer, you can. Deezer now has widgets on iOS 14, so if you’ve been good and actually updated your iPhone software, you could find SongCatcher on Deezer, load it directly onto your home screen, and just press the button when that song comes up again. Let the app listen for a little while, and you’ll get the song title and artist in less than a minute.

Then you can tell your friend it wasn’t Radiohead after all.

Besides SongCatcher, you can also find a Flow widget. Deezer’s intelligent algorithm figures out what you want to hear even before you know what song you’re looking for. If you just want a background score to your life without having to figure out what song to put on, or even to find a song to begin with, fire up the Flow widget and be impressed (and a little bit creeped out) by how accurate the music selection is for your taste, and for your life.

Don’t wait, you’ve lost enough songs into the ether already. Update your iPhone to iOS 14 and your Deezer to the latest version (8.24) to start getting your music as soon as you want it.

Here are 4 quick steps to get your widgets up and running in no time on your iPhone:

1.Touch and hold a widget, an app or an empty area in the home screen or the “Today View” until the apps jiggle
2. In the upper-right corner, you’ll see an a button with “+” symbol
3. Tap the “+” symbol and scroll down to choose Deezer
4. Then tap ‘Add Widget’, then ‘Done;’.

Stay tuned, for more widgets to come 🔜 🔜 🔜