Get a year’s worth of Deezer Premium or HiFi for half the price

Pre-pay and get 12 months of Deezer Premium for €60 or HiFi for €90*

Are you itching for a great Black Friday deal that your ears will love? This year Deezer’s got you covered. Our new Black Friday promo gives you a whole year of Deezer Premium for the low price of €60. And if you’re a real music connoisseur, you can get 12 months of Deezer HiFi for only €90. But hurry up, the offer ends on 13th of December. 

All paying subscribers can enjoy Deezer’s catalog of 56 million songs, podcasts and radio stations and all the premium features without any ad breaks. 

  • Channels, collections and playlists made by our editors let you explore and discover new music and entertainment content by category and genre.
  • Your personal Flow: Deezer’s signature feature that serves you up an endless mix of current favorites and new music. The recommendations are based on your unique music taste as well as Deezer’s data and input from our editors.
  • Daily mixes: Personal compilations of up to 40 songs made just for you based on your taste
  • Shows tab: The home of all your podcasts. Listen to the latest episodes from your favorite shows and browse 15 podcast categories and sub-genres, covering themes like music, self-help, cooking, history, business news and talk shows.   
  • Discovery: Every week we bring you new music that you’ve never listened to on Deezer, selected by our algorithm and based on your preferences. 
  • Lyrics, which lets you look up the words to songs and sing along
  • Songcatcher: If you hear a song you like but don’t know, just use the Deezer app to identify it and and it straight to your library 

“We want you to enjoy your music and podcasts for a whole year with just one simple payment. Our Black Friday promotion offers outstanding value to music fans and lets you save up to €90 on a HiFi subscription.” said Laurence Miall – d’Août, Chief Commercial Officer at Deezer. 

Deezer’s HiFi subscribers can enjoy a library of 52 million tracks in crystal clear lossless FLAC quality. This includes Deezer’s new HiFI Room, a channel with curated playlists and albums that really draw out the benefits of the FLAC format. HiFi subscribers also get access to the ‘360 by Deezer’ app at no extra cost. The app hosts a growing library of tracks in Sony’s immersive ‘360 Reality Audio’ format. That way you can really feel like you’re in the recording studio with your favorite artists. The only thing you need are your regular headphones. 

Deezer’s Black Friday Premium and HiFi offers are available for all music fans in Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Germany, France, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, The UK, The United Arab Emirates, Turkey and USA.  

* Deezer’s Black Friday offer is available for all Free users who have not signed up for a prior promotion or special offer before. The offer is also available for users who left Deezer before August 27  this year. This offer is only available between Nov 27th and Dec 13th 2020.