A1 Telekom Austria Group and Deezer Announce First Regional Music Partnership across Eastern Europe and Austria

New co-branded service A1 Xplore Music by Deezer to give unlimited music and podcast access to A1 customers

A1 Telekom Austria Group and the global music streaming service Deezer today announced the launch of a new co-branded music service called A1 Xplore Music by Deezer. Now about 8.5 million A1 customers in Austria, Slovenia and Bulgaria will have access to 56 million music tracks and podcasts from around the world. The launch is the first step in a partnership between the two companies and A1 Xplore Music by Deezer will launch in additional A1 Telekom Austria Group countries in early 2021.

“With today’s launch of A1 Xplore Music by Deezer we support our Group strategy in regards to entertainment and new services. We see entertainment and the associated music offering as one of several new growth areas and the numbers prove us right. According to Goldman Sachs, 1.15bn people will pay for music streaming by 2030”, said Gernot Rasch, Group Director & Operations, A1 Telekom Austria Group. “Besides, A1 and Deezer combine the best of their assets to provide our customers with hours of entertainment, listening and learning.” 

 “We want every music and podcast fan to feel that A1 Xplore Music by Deezer is the best place to find all of their favorite audio entertainment. Our new partnership is the easiest way for millions of people in Austria and Eastern Europe to have the most personalized and localized experience. We can’t wait for A1 customers to discover and listen to all that Deezer has to offer,” said Ralph Pighin, SVP Europe, Asia and Africa at Deezer. 

Global service, local curation

This partnership is the first multi-country European partnership between a telco operator and a music streaming service of its kind.  

A1 and Deezer provide a full audio entertainment experience with unrivalled convenience for A1 subscribers to explore local music. Now, A1 customers across multiple European countries will have access to both specially curated A1 Xplore Music playlists including local and global content from Deezer.

The services also includes unlimited access to all of Deezer features and content for A1 customers including: 

  • Channels, collections and playlists made by A1 and Deezer editors Fans can explore and discover new music and entertainment content by theme, category or genre.
  • Flow: Deezer’s signature feature that serves up an endless mix of current favorites and new music. Recommendations are based on Deezer’s algorithm, user’s personal preferences and editorial recommendations. 
  • Daily mixes: Personal compilations of up to 40 songs based on the personal taste of each user.
  • Discovery: New music recommendations every week based on algorithm and the listening habits of users 
  • Lyrics: Lets music fans look up words to songs and sing along
  • Songcatcher: in-app song recognition tool that identifies tracks that play around you and lets you easily add them directly to your collection.
  • Shows tab: Direct access to all of Deezer’s podcasts including Deezer Originals. Users have access to 15 categories and sub-genres including: music, self-help, cooking, history, business news and talk shows.   

New and existing A1 customers can sign up for A1 Xplore Music by Deezer directly with their local providers such as A1 Austria or an A1 Group provider within the CEE region.