What did your year sound like?

2020: Let’s not pretend it was a great year, or even good, or even mediocre. I think we can all agree that it wasn’t any of those things. But we can say 2020 was the year everything changed from the way we interact (elbow bumps instead of cheek kisses and hugs), to the way we work and learn (distantly, and through the online conference software of choice), and even how we get our dose of novelty.

Novelty that’s not C-word related? Yes, even if 2020 was a… [insert feelings here] year, music kept us going. So maybe instead of taking your crush to your favorite band’s gig, you flooded their WhatsApp with dozens of tracks, hoping that your hidden message in the song titles would come across. (Can you feel the love tonight?). Instead of driving down a boulevard with friends after a late night out with the windows down and belting out the ever-appropriate “We Are Young,” to the top of your lungs, you probably just made a shared playlist. And of course, who can forget the calming hum of plucky guitars while learning to make sourdough, kickboxing the plain air, writing that blog? 

If key points in our lives have soundtracks, 2020 deserves its own entire discography. 

The way things work at Deezer though, nothing is as straightforward as a normal discography. That would be too easy. Your year was probably different from your friends’, and certainly different from mine. The 2020 discography has to be yours and yours alone, and that’s why we’re bringing back #MyDeezerYear! For the occasion, we’ve even made some changes to it.

Starting December 1st, find out what we’ve cooked for you, directly from your mobile app! Enter the experience with your listening time of the whole year – yes, that’s a lot of minutes!, and deep dive into your yearly highlights, starting with top songs & artists. In denial that you’re probably Taylor Swift’s biggest fan even if you spent all summer listening to Folklore? ? If #MyDeezerYear shows a Superfan badge just for you,  no judgement here! Find out your animal rhythm, too: each musical genre is unique, and #MyDeezerYear assigns you an animal based on the beats per minute of the music you listen to, see how active or chill you’ve been this year. 

No matter your year’s anthem we’ve got your back with your very personal top 2020 playlist, so you can look back to 2020. Because even if it wasn’t a great year, you still had great moments that you can remember when you play your music.

Psst: don’t forget to save it to your playlists to have it forever! 

Spread the word, share your love, soundtrack your life, just press play.