Find My Song: Deezer introduces search by lyrics

Ever tried to search for a song but its name has escaped you? Maybe you only remember the chorus? Or a certain line that stands out? Not to worry, that’s all you need with Deezer’s new “search by lyrics” feature. If you can remember a few words, we’ll look up the specific track.

The feature is available for all tracks that include sing-along-lyrics. Simply head to the search bar and type at least four words from the song’s lyrics. We’ll do the rest and help you find your desired track. The new feature is available for web users on Deezer’s website right now and will soon be arriving for desktop app users in the coming weeks.

“Music fans have millions of songs at their fingertips. Recalling some of the lyrics is often easier than remembering the actual name of a track. Our job is to make sure that listeners get to the tunes they want quickly and easily and our new advanced ‘search by lyrics’ feature delivers on that promise,” said Matthieu Gorvan, Deezer’s Chief Product and Technology Officer.

The search by lyrics feature is available worldwide for all our free and paying subscribers, with the exception of Kids profile users. Head to to try it out.