Find songs by lyrics on Deezer

Have you heard that new song by that American singer still not very well known that sings about I drive alone past your street… and is number one in several countries right now? What about that song from the ’80s that we can’t remember the title, but it goes something like this: every now and then I get a little bit lonely…? If you don’t know who sang them, no worries, turn around, bright eyes, and see that we’re now able to search a song by its lyrics on Deezer!


If you don’t remember the artist or the name of the track you’re looking for, you can find the songs by searching for the lyrics on Type at least four words in the search and there you go! (Actually, this reminded me of that Johnny Cash song “there you go, you’re gone again…”, but I can’t remember the title of this track!)


Note that this feature will only work for tracks which have lyrics available – tracks without lyrics may not be searchable. Also, this option isn’t available on kids profiles.



Going back to that song which is number one in several countries at the moment, did you find out which one it is?