Add to playlist shortcut

As a user, we all love listening to playlists created for us by Deezer’s very own editors, who spend their days creating and optimising playlists for us all to enjoy. Having said that, should we wish to try our hand at creating our own playlists, whether for ourselves, or for our friends and families to enjoy, we can do so, but we probably have less time on our hands, so we need to be efficient.


With this in mind, we have tidied up the journey for you, to allow you to quickly add that new “banging tune” you have just found for the party you’re hosting at the weekend.


How does it work? It’s simple! Once you have created a playlist, you’re going to want to add a bunch of songs! To do this, simply open the options (three dots) menu of the song wherever you are, and you will find the option to add it directly to your newly created playlist.



NB: If you want to freshen up one of your other playlists, you will need to firstly add a song through the “Add to a playlist” menu, and the next time you want to add a song to this playlist, it will be directly in the options menu!