Deezer NEXT shifts from global to local

After five successful years of Deezer NEXT, we’re taking an even more homegrown approach to supporting emerging artists. We’ve evolved our support programme to spotlight local talent on a more personalised and individual basis. 

From now on our local editorial teams will select up-and-coming artists that are relevant to listeners in each market. The selection process will take into account both streaming patterns and new talent introduced by our label and distribution partners. Our teams around the world have developed their own locally tailored initiatives, which cover everything from content to branding and playlisting. 

In the UK & Ireland, we’re calling our support programme, ‘Deezer Focus.’ In  Brazil, it will be known as ‘Deezer Aposta,’ and to ‘Deezer Fresco’ in the LATAM region. In France, we’ll continue to call our programme, ‘NEXT.’

The new structure of our artist development programmes means we’re giving a bigger spotlight to more acts than ever before. As our emphasis is now entirely on delivering greater impact to individual local acts, we’ll no longer announce ‘global priorities’. Deezer’s local support programmes will vary in duration, tailored to each market’s needs. During this time, they will heavily promote the featured artist’s music and grow their fanbase. 

In the UK & Ireland, Deezer Focus will be a monthly programme that kicks off in June with the brilliant Greentea Peng, also known as Aria Wells. Greentea Peng is a neo-soul and self-described ‘psychedelic R’n’B’ singer and songwriter from south east London. Her musical influences include Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Miss Dynamite and Lily Allen. She’ll be releasing her brilliant debut album, Man Made, at the start of the month.

Throughout June, Greentea Peng will receive guaranteed priority playlist additions, homepage prominence and social support across Deezer’s channels. She will be featured on Deezer’s playlist covers and receive dedicated in-app marketing. Greentea Peng will also create a range of exclusive content, including an alternative version of album title track Man Made, and a specially curated playlist. 

“Big up Deezer for the support and may the sound travel worldwide!” said Greentea Peng. 

“Our mantra at Deezer has always been ‘local hero.’ We love supporting new artists, from the likes of Lewis Capaldi to YONAKA, and bringing their music to new fans. Acts like Joesef saw a boost of 900% in streams as part of our NEXT programme. Thanks to Deezer Focus, we’ll have more opportunities to work with upcoming talent in the UK and Ireland and take a tailored approach to raising their profiles with our local fans. I can’t wait to kick-start the programme by showcasing the unique voice of Greentea Peng. She defies traditional R&B and soul by creating music that is authentic and uncompromising. I’m looking forward to new fans discovering her in our featured playlists next month,” said Adam Read, UK & Ireland Editor at Deezer. 

Deezer Focus, and the other local artist support programmes, are now live across the world. Look out for  more artists to be announced on a regular basis. Listen to Greentea Peng here.