Feel at home with Deezer on your HomePod

Hey, Siri
Play my Flow on Deezer! :nerd: :radio: :notes:


We’re excited to announce that Deezer is now available on Apple’s HomePod and HomePod mini speakers. We’ve worked closely with Apple and external developers to make Deezer one of the few third-party music services available on these super cool speakers.



Starting today, if you’re on iOS 14.5 with a paid Deezer subscription, you’ll be able to access this feature.


Key Features

  • Music only for now (Podcasts and Live Radio to be added later)
  • HiFi support: given the HomePod impressive sound quality, we’re eager to offer Deezer’s high fidelity experience to HomePod owners

How do I get started?

From our iOS app version 8.35 and newer, go to the settings menu and search for “Connect with HomePod”, follow the steps and you’re ready to go!

Note: it could take a bit longer than usual for your HomePod to accept Deezer as the music service, so please be patient :relaxed: