Mix your friend’s music with yours on Shaker

Music brings us together…

except when your musical tastes don’t please everyone!

And yes, it’s not always easy to find the right atmosphere when it’s time to choose the playlist, everyone has their own music library, their tastes, and their streaming platform. Deezer was on board, so we created Shaker!

The new feature allows you to play your Shaker group’s songs from any streaming platform, because we know that everyone has their app preferences (some better than others 😏). So if your friends or loved ones use another music application, they can listen to Shaker group content on their platforms, and you can also import their music.



How does Shaker work?


  • Click here for the desktop version (shaker.deezer.com) or from your app in the Beyond Streaming section.
  • You can then create a Shaker group and add up to 14 people, even if they don’t have a Deezer account. Shaker allows you to listen to music on different platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music), but of course we hope that your loved ones will also join Deezer!
  • You can listen to a unique mix created by Shaker, with a selection of 75 tracks determined from the preferences and listening activity of the members of the group.


Want to know who you are most compatible with?


We’re not a dating app, but Shaker offers a “Fun facts” tab that displays the musical compatibility between you and your friends, based on your shared favourites. Find out which of your friends you have the most musical similarities with!





It’s time to create your first group!

Share your best compatibility rates in the comments…



 Will anyone be able to reach 100% 😱?