“Deezer for Creators” arms artists and podcasters with tools for success

  • New mobile app compiles streaming trends and audience insights for talent and producers
  • Special features include shareable editorial playlist cards for artists

Deezer’s new app launches today to help musicians and content creators improve their reach and performance with personalized insights and meaningful stats. “Deezer for Creators” is a smart analytics tool to empower artists, music industry professionals and podcasters to optimize their performance in one convenient mobile app.  

For the first time, artists and podcasters will both have access to the same mobile app to track their musical or spoken word content.* Following our announcement on a mobile analytics tool for podcasters, we’ve now updated the mobile app for artists previously known as “Analytics” (and  “Backstage” on the Web).  Now, whenever a track is added to an editorial playlist,  artists will automatically receive a notification. 

Features also include a shareable card that lets artists connect directly with fans. Each shareable card includes the name of the playlist that the artist is featured in.** Artists won’t be limited to just featured playlists, as they’ll also have access to shareable “track cards.” Any time a new track is available within the first seven days of its release, artists will be able to share immediately with fans, as well as post on their social channels.

Our “Deezer for Creators” mobile app will continue to offer popular artist features including: 

  • Track performance of song or show:
    • Monitor streaming data and performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis 
    • Easy-to-read charts broken down by categories including platform, countries, gender and top playlists

“Data can often be overwhelming and perplexing. Our new ‘Deezer for Creators’ app breaks it all down in an easy-to-read format that helps you plan your next step. Whether it’s to improve your results or plan ahead for your next big launch.

It’s the only mobile app that provides artists with a success predictor tool to help you measure and adjust marketing plans accordingly,” said Frédéric Antelme, Head of Content at Deezer.  

“Deezer for Creators” is not limited to mobile, as artists can also login on desktop. Web users can also update their bio, profile picture and see their streaming highlights. 

To celebrate the launch, we are also introducing a special discounted HiFi offer for artists. The new offer makes our HiFi subscription available to any creator who has content on Deezer and is registered on Deezer for Creators, at the low price of €7.99. To activate the offer, creators need to redeem the code they receive in their email on the dedicated page on Deezer’s website. The offer is valid later this month until Jan 30, 2024.  

The Deezer for Creators app is available to download worldwide on iOS and Android now. Existing users can log in using their Backstage or Analytics credentials. New users can apply here to request access.