Soundcheck : Planning your Release with Deezer for Creators

Mic test, 1, 2, 3.

Back when my band was starting out, everything was experimental. Jamming songs to a melody, playing at different venues, targeting fans on social media.

The world of music and the listeners that lay behind our streams was a complete mystery, until we started looking at our analytics. We realised our listeners were in neighboring cities, our streams peaked on weekends, and our single releases were our most listened to tracks. 

With data, reaching our listeners was no longer just hit and miss. 

Now that Deezer for Creators is available to artists on mobile, it’s so much easier to keep track of who’s listening and how to reach them. Regardless of whether you’re starting out or an established artist playing indie, pop, or rap, data and artist tools can be the biggest guide to reaching your audience. Numbers don’t lie and here are my top three takeaways for artists. 

1. Find out who’s listening

Streaming music is more global than ever, and you’ll be surprised to know where your music is performing best and who your fans are. 

Whether your streams are listened to in your home country or abroad will help define your strategy and identify opportunities to promote your music. With Deezer for Creators, you have more information on who your listeners are and where you should target your next campaign. 

2. Understand your listeners’ habits

Timing is key when planning your next drop. Data from Deezer shows different listening patterns amongst fans. Know when your listeners tune in to music to help schedule your next release.

At Deezer we discovered that Pop music streams highest on Saturdays while Hip hop music streams highest on Fridays.

With Deezer for Creators you can access more insights about how listeners stream your music. Be sure  to understand your audience’s behaviors to strengthen your connection with fans and engage your community of listeners.

3. Monitor your streams’ performance 

Just launched your track? Did it peak when you launched a social media post, press release, or music video? Make sure you can watch in real time how it performs.

Megan Thee Stallion reached a peak of 31% increase in streams after her first ever livestream performance. French rapper PLK achieved 152% increase in streams following the release of his latest single on June 3. Pabllo Vittar saw an increase of up to 320% after launching her album and music video on June 26.

Campaigns can have different results, so be sure to check how well they do by tracking them in real time and throughout your campaign on Deezer for Creators. Integrate those insights to plan your next release. 

With Deezer for Creators, the stage is ready to let artists perform. Artists today have what they need to strategise their releases and engage their community of fans.

As for me, I’ve got insights in my pocket and I can’t wait to plan my next drop. Knowing how to reach my listeners is no longer a mystery and I’m excited to connect with them, wherever they are, whoever they are. 

Deezer for Creators is a mobile & desktop creators’ destination for artists, managers and podcasters that provides analytical performance data based on how fans and listeners engage with music and podcasts for in-depth insight into their streams. For more information visit