It’s Raining Them!


Humidity is rising for the Deezer community! Meet Mila Jam, the American singer who has left her umbrella at home to bring you this brand new remake of the 80s sensation “It’s Raining Men”. 

Introducing… “It’s Raining Them”!


“Cool, bold, strong and keen / Proud and loud and here and seen.”


The track features gender-neutral lyrics and the legendary Paul Shaffer, who is the original songwriter of “It’s Raining Men”, has also given his full support for this all-inclusive version. 


In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Mila Jam is an actress, dancer, YouTube sensation and LGBTQ+ activist. During the All Live Matters protests in 2020, Mila went viral for writing “STOP KILLING US” on her body. 


“It’s Raining Them” is available exclusively on Deezer. We will donate 100% of our revenue portion from the track for the first year to the charity Gendered Intelligence to support their work with LGBTQ+ issues. 



Which other classic tracks do you think would suit a gender-neutral makeover?