Deezer reveals listening trends for International Podcast Day 2021

Podcasts continue to take the world by storm! We’re showcasing some of our user’s listening trends to celebrate International Podcast Day, starting with a huge 61% increase in audio content streams in the last year. We also saw a big 40% growth of podcast active users in the same time period. 

The shows that have captured the world’s attention in 2021 include TED Talks Daily, which took no.1 position in 2021. This was followed by The Daily, Distractible, All Ears English and Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain. 

This year, it’s ‘Culture & society’ that comes out top for the biggest podcast genre. ‘Comedy’ is second followed by a consistently top 3 genre ‘True Crime.’ ‘Music & audio comments’ and ‘Education’ complete the list. 

We have the most dedicated podcast fans in France, which takes the top spot in terms of podcast streams. The French are followed by listeners in Brazil, Germany, UK and Mexico. But it’s Brits that are spending the longest time listening, at an average of 40 minutes each time. Whereas in France it’s more likely to be quick 10 minute bursts. We’ve also seen that podcasts are more of a morning treat, with 10am the time that most of the world likes to tune in. Except for Germany, who are night owls when it comes to podcast listening. Their favorite time of day to tune is 11pm! 

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