Deezer to join RTL+ as music streaming partner

  • Long-term strategic partnership with RTL Deutschland
  • Fully integrated solution will bring music, audiobooks and audio plays to millions of new German fans

Global audio streaming service Deezer, is proud to announce that it has
entered into a long-term strategic partnership with RTL Deutschland, the
leading German media group with a focus on broadcast, streaming and
digital entertainment. Deezer will be the music, audio book and radio play
partner for the cross-media extension of RTL+, which will launch in the first
half of 2022.

German music fans who choose RTL+ for all of their entertainment needs
will be able to access Deezer’s premium features and recommended
content, including their unique Flow, as well as a wide range of
personalized content. They will also be able to access all of the channels,
compilations and playlists curated by Deezer’s international team of

Deezer has worked closely with RTL Deutschland to ensure a smooth and
efficient integration with RTL+. In order to achieve this, our team developed
a brand new technical toolkit, which includes new APIs and SDKs that will
be used by the RTL+ team when building the service. Deezer’s team is
working closely together with RTL on the project and will continue to
support and improve the app going forward to make sure that RTL+
customers can enjoy the best entertainment experience on the market.

“RTL+ will offer users an integrated entertainment experience with all the
content they love in one seamless package. We’re proud to be on this
journey together with RTL and look forward to bringing our content to
millions of German consumers,” said Deezer’s CEO Jeronimo Folgueira.

“The partnership with RTL Deutschland represents the next step in our B2B
growth strategy. Deezer is uniquely positioned to be able to offer
consumer brands the flexibility and customisation they need. We have one
of the most extensive music catalogues in the world, supported by a wide
range of original and exclusive content. We’re proud to be an industry
leading partner for consumer brands like RTL and the whole Deezer team
looks forward to making this partnership a success,” added Jeronimo.

“Deezer has an excellent catalogue, a great product, and a creative team
that shares our vision of the future: offering customers the best content as
simple as possible. These are the best prerequisites for a long-term
partnership. In addition to video content, podcasts and magazines, music,
audio books and audio plays will be a cornerstone in our content bundle,”
said Henning Nieslony, SVP Commercial & Product RTL+.