Deezer joins forces with Metrological to boost TV operator reach around the world

Deezer app now available across TV operator networks worldwide as part of the Metrological App Library

Metrological, a Comcast Company, today announced that Deezer, the global music streaming service, is now available in the Metrological App Library for Metrological’s global MVPD and TV operator customer base.

With a Deezer subscription, the Deezer music streaming app provides listeners with access to an audio catalogue of more than 73 million songs, podcasts and radio stations. Deezer offers users expertly curated playlists, channels and compilations from its editors, as well as a wide range of exclusive original content. Deezer is also the only audio streaming company to offer listeners their own musical Flow, which is an uninterrupted stream of music created by Deezer’s algorithm based on a person’s unique taste. Premium features can be unlocked by subscribing to a Premium plan.

The version of Deezer in the Metrological App Library was developed in the open, lightweight LightningTM app development language and Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is tailor-built for developing high quality UX and browser-based TV apps with great, native like, performance. Lightning optimizes the user experience for high-performant apps across next-gen, as well as memory constrained legacy devices. 

“Deezer wants all of its users to enjoy simple, highly relevant and personalized content no matter what platform they prefer to use,” said Laurence Miall-d’Aout, Chief Commercial Officer at Deezer. “We continue to be one of the best audio streaming partners for consumer brands all around the world and are proud to offer an unrivalled audio library, unique features and a stand-out design that helps companies improve customer satisfaction and boost long term ARPU. Working with Metrological enables us to help millions of households around the world access Deezer through their TVs and is a key element in our strategy to grow our global reach with Tier 1 providers.”

“We are excited to add Deezer, a music and audio entertainment innovator, to our global content offering”, said Jeroen Ghijsen, CEO of Metrological. “The Lightning-based Deezer app was built to provide the optimal music experience on TV. Now, our global operator customer base can seamlessly access Deezer’s extensive catalogue of songs, playlists, podcasts and more from the comfort of their living room.”

By uploading a single Lightning app onto the Metrological App Library, content providers can reach millions of TV viewers, across devices and operator networks worldwide. With the Metrological Application Platform, service providers can choose content from the Metrological App Library, which includes more than 300 pre-integrated TV apps, to offer their subscribers. The Metrological Application Platform is deployed at multiple Tier 1 cable and telco companies globally. 

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