Mood-based Deezer Flow feature is now available on desktop

The global audio streaming service Deezer has launched the ‘Flow Moods’ wheel to desktops. This innovation filters your music based on your mood, allowing users to listen to the right tracks at the right time whether on their mobile or desktop devices. 

Last October, Deezer launched ‘Flow Moods,’ an emotional jukebox to play music based on a particular mood – with a degree of personalization built-in. The goal? Share music recommendations based on the user’s mood and music preferences.

Initially, the feature was only available on mobile devices, but starting today the smart player can be enjoyed from the computer for an increasingly complete and accessible experience in a single click. From home, work and anywhere else, you can now access on desktop devices for personalized and endless recommendations for each moment of the day.

Our six Flow Moods include:

  • You & Me – Feeling a little frisky? Let us set the mood for romance with feel-good tracks that you and your partner will love. 
  • Motivation – Need a little nudge? Make workouts a joyful experience with a power mix to keep you moving. 
  • Chill – Time to kick back? Relax with your favorite artists that help you unwind and let go.
  • Melancholy – We all get the blues now and then. If you’re in the mood for a good cry or want to wallow in sorrow – let it all out here.  
  • Focus – No distractions, please! Let us help you stay in your zone with the right kind of music to help you achieve your goal. 
  • Party – Whether it’s a party of one or party of more – get in the spirit with an endless mix of crowd-pleasing music to get you dancing.

The Flow that adapts to your moods is available on all web interfaces and on the Deezer desktop app.