Deezer First to Launch In-App ‘Lyrics Translation’

Since it integrated time-synced lyrics on its platform in 2014, Deezer has helped music fans connect to the music and lyrics they love. Today, the global streaming platform is taking its lyrics feature to a whole new level by powering in-app translation of lyrics

Users no longer have to compromise the meaning of a song or its lyrics when streaming music in its original language. With just a simple click, music fans can now view real-time lyric translations of the most popular English songs* in French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Additional lyric translations will continue to be added over time, including translations of songs from other languages into English. In the meantime, users whose phone settings are in English** can use the function to improve their language skills or learn a new language through music. 

“Music fans have always been able to immerse themselves in the thoughts and feelings of the artist with our widely popular lyrics function. But with our new ‘Lyrics Translation’ feature, they can now discover the artist’s true meaning behind their favorite tunes, and even sharpen their language skills, or totally learn a new language in the process,” explained Alexandra Leloup, VP Product – Core Products at Deezer.

To activate the new ‘Lyrics Translation’ feature on Deezer follow these steps:
1. Access ‘Lyrics’ via the microphone icon
2. Select ‘with translation’ 
3. To disable this feature, select the ‘without translation’

If you’re curious about how the feature works, test it out with the top 10 songs streamed with lyrics in the world on Deezer. 

Global Top 10 Songs Streamed with Lyrics
1. abcdefu – GAYLE
2. Enemy – Imagine Dragons
3. Envolver – Anitta
5. Cold Heart – Elton John
6. LA FAMA – Rosalía
7. Infinity – Jaymes Young
8. Easy On Me – Adele
9. Beggin’ – Måneskin
10. Heat Waves – Glass Animals

Alternatively, explore the ‘Lyrics Translation’ feature on Deezer by streaming ‘Hit Tracks, Hot Lyrics.’ The playlist is a collection of today’s hits, which you can sing along using with lyrics, or sharpen your rusty French or Spanish language skills** by using the new in-app translation feature. 

The ‘Lyrics Translation’ feature is available on iOS, Android, on the web and on the Deezer desktop application. For more information, visit

*Only  10,000 of the most popular songs streamed on the platform display the ‘Lyrics Translation’ function. Currently, the function only translates songs from English to French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. 
**Users whose phone’s settings are in English need to update their language preferences in settings to French, Portuguese, German or Spanish to view translations from English in either of the aforementioned languages.