Deezer Unveils A More Romantic And Intimate Side of Reggaeton With The Launch of ‘Reggaeton Acústico Volume 2’

The brand new Deezer Originals album features unplugged acoustic versions of reggaeton hits by artists Sebastián Yatra, María Becerra, Jay Wheeler, CNCO, Blessd, Goyo, Fuego and Beéle

Global music streaming service Deezer has launched its newest Originals album, ‘Reggaeton Acústico, Volume 2,’ featuring reggaeton favorites like you’ve never heard them before. The exclusive collection is the second edition of the much-loved Latin series, and delivers stripped-down versions of popular reggaeton tracks from Latin superstars Sebastián Yatra, María Becerra, Jay Wheeler, CNCO, Blessd, Goyo, Fuego and Beéle. The Originals album, streaming exclusively on the platform, presents an intimately romantic side of reggaeton, proving there is more to the widely popular upbeat Latin music genre than what meets the ear. 

Reggaeton comes from all corners of Latin America, and the artists showcased in ‘Reggaeton Acústico, Volume 2’ originate from strong reggaeton hubs like Colombia and Puerto Rico, where the genre is king. However, thanks to international reggaeton artists like J Balvin, most streamed artist on Deezer worldwide in 2018, 2019 and 2020, and Bad Bunny, Deezer’s most streamed artist globally in 2021, reggaeton is topping music charts across the globe. 

Deezer data reveals ‘Reggaeton Acústico, Volume 2’ is trending worldwide too. Since its launch, the album has been winning audiences in key music markets like France and Brazil, with featured artists yielding the rewards. One day after the album went live, Oscar and Grammy nominee Sebastián Yatra saw a 23% spike in music streams in France, and Latin Grammy nominee María Becerra nearly 20% in Brazil.*

‘Reggaeton Acústico, Volume 2’ features these popular reggaeton hits:

  1. Pareja Del Año” by Colombian artist Sebastián Yatra 
  2. Ojala” by Argentine female artist María Becerra
  3. Sin Censura” by Puerto Rican artist Jay Wheeler
  4. No Apagues la Luz” by Latin American boy band CNCO
  5. Instagram” by Colombian artist Blessd
  6. Na Na Na” by Colombian female artist Goyo
  7. Vaina Loca” by Dominican artist Fuego
  8. Si Te Interesa” by Colombian-Venezuelan artist Beéle

“With this album we wanted to show a different side of reggaeton, so we asked each artist to choose the reggaeton track that would give music fans a glimpse of the genre at its rawest, and show the artist’s most vulnerable side,” said Regina Martiarena, Artist Relations Manager for The Americas at Deezer. “Most people think reggaeton artists can’t sing or that their songs aren’t poetry, but I think that’s just because the lyrics in most songs get lost in the genre’s catchy rhythmic dembow base. There’s something special about your favorite reggaeton artists stripping things back to the basics and vulnerably playing music, unplugged and without electric instruments, for their music fans. The album is fantastic, and it truly shows how talented reggaeton artists are,” added Regina Martiarena.

Latin Grammy nominated artist María Bercera went into depth about the meaning of her favorite lyrics in “Ojala,” her hit recently reached more than 100 million views on YouTube. “I love the part of the song that says ‘if you didn’t kill me, no night will kill me baby’ because it means strength. Essentially, if your toxic love didn’t kill me, if you didn’t kill me, if all of the horrible things you did to me didn’t kill me, one rough night isn’t going to kill me either, in fact, no night ever will because after you I’m immortal,” said the Argentine reggaetonera.

This Originals album follows the launch of ‘Reggaeton Acústico,’ which saw huge success around the world. Not only was it the most streamed music Originals in Latin America, but France and Brazil were among its top five streamers. The album featured raw, acoustic versions of top hits from international artists like Camilo, Reik, Manuel Turizo, Pedro Capó, Tini, Lenny Tavárez, Dalex, Justin Quiles, Lali, Mau y Ricky, Cali y el Dandee, and Abraham Mateo

Reggaeton Acústico, Volume 2’ is available to stream worldwide and exclusively on Deezer.  

*Percentages are calculated by comparing total artist streams on September 20 (album’s pre-launch date) to September 21 (launch day) in France and Brazil.

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