It’s Quiz Time!!!


Our new music quizzes are here!



Play music quizzes to prove your knowledge of music and compete
against your friends and family.

You can share your results and challenge your friends!


The game is simple:

You have 30 seconds to guess the name of a song that is playing. The quicker you answer, the more points you receive. If you answer within the first 3 seconds, you will receive 100 points per song. After 3 seconds, the score will gradually go down from 100 points!

You’ll have 10 questions to answer per quiz, which are based on musical genres or themes: Popular hits, the 80s and so on! 



How to play music quiz

Within the Music tab, in the Made for you section, select the Discover our music quizzes mini banner and choose the quiz you want to play!

How to share your results and challenge someone

After you have finished a quiz, the score of the game will be displayed along with your best score on that particular quiz theme. Select “Challenge a Friend” and then choose the method of sharing. A message will be sent to each person.


You can choose between a great variety of editorial playlists to play from on this channel! 💪🏽

Are you faster than your friends? Tell us more on the comments bellow and share your first score!
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